проф. д-р. Дарко Спасевски

Darko is Assistant Professor at the Iustinianus Primus School of law, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. He gained his PhD in 2012. He is Professor of Business Law (he teaches courses Business Law, International Commercial Law, E-Commerce Law) since 2013. He has been participant at international study programs and visits including: University of Montenegro, Faculty of law, (march, 2017) Universität des Saarlandes | Saarland University, Germany (November, 2016), Moscow State University Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia (Novmeber, 2014), Fondation Pour le Droit Continental, Paris, France, (July 2012), Instituto Universitario di Studi Europei and Centro Studi Sul Federalismo, Turin, Italy, ( November, 2010), Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany, (July –  August, 2010) and Ludwig Maximilian University – Faculty of Law, Munich, Germany, (July, 2009).

Darko is Associate of ISIE since 2015. He was actively involved in the previous ISIE projects: “Will there be ‘Whistleblowers’ at the Universities? The Possibilities of the Law for Protection of Whistleblowers and Prevention of Corruption in the Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia and ”Higher Education at all costs?: A cost – benefit analysis of the geographically dispersed studies of the state universities in Macedonia”.

He was also part of activities of other non-governmental organizations including: Panelist, discussion as a part of the project “Justice: Governance for Growth Monitor (JuDGMeNT)”, European Policy Institute, Skopje, December, 2016; training in the framework of RRP Program on research led teaching, Swiss agency for development and cooperation, Tirana, Albania, September, 2014, Legal consultant, CIRa, Skopje, Law on Social Entrepreneurship, January, 2014.

He has extensive experience in drafting university regulations and legal acts and he will be in charge of the preparation of the university policy and guide for Whistleblowers’ Act implementation and trainer at capacity building trainings.